Fixing a stable in Dobwalls

This was an interesting challenge! Fixing a stable for a new customer who had been recommended to us.

The horse that lives in the stable had been kicking the bottom of the wall and in time the blocks had given way and the wall pushed out. The door couldn't open and close easily and it needed repairing quite urgently.

Stable repair

We removed the ply lining inside the stable and the first row of shiplap to gain better access to the damaged area. The concrete blocks were then removed and cleaned ready for re-use. The wall was then jacked up so it could be put back into position.

Stable repair

Once this was done we were able to start rebuilding. A lot of reinforcing was carried out using various additional fixings, wall ties and brackets and the corner of the wall was reinforced with an additional timber.

Outbuilding repair

Stables repair

The final job to ensure a really strong repair was to add a much larger bead of mortar across the bottom of the blockwork.

Shed repair

The door was adjusted to make it open and close well and then a good sweep up completed the job. We asked the customer not to put the horse in the stable that night to give the cement time to set.

The customer was pleased with the repair and hopefully with the extra reinforcement the stable will be strong enough to last now.

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