Bargeboard repair in Liskeard

This job was for some new customers in Liskeard who had been recommended to us by one of their neighbours.

During the gales early in 2022 they noticed that the uPVC bargeboard on the gable end of the house had come loose. They made a temporary repair themselves with some gaffa tape and then called us to come and have a look. The house is quite high so the first job was to create a safe working platform using a scaffold tower.

Scaffold tower

We were then able to make an inspection and found that the verge ladder timbers were rotten at the bottom of the gable and this was why the uPVC had come loose.

Rotten verge ladder

We carefully removed the uPVC and rotten area of timber, doubled up the ends of the existing timbers and treated them with wood preservative.

Rot repair

Then a new piece of timber was joined in.

New timber

Once this was done, we were able to refit all the carefully removed uPVC to complete the repair.

Repairing bargeboards

The job turned out well and the customers were pleased with the outcome.

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