Painting a house in Seaton

This was a big painting job we carried out for some regular customers who use our services to maintain their holiday home.

The house hadn't been painted for a number of years and they wanted a full external redecoration carried out.

There was lots of preparation and various repairs to complete before painting could start. All the walls were treated with fungicide and pressure washed as required too.

External painting

Once all the preparation was done we gradually worked around the property and applied two coats of silicone based masonry paint which was what the customers had specified.

Access from scaffold tower

Some parts of the house were quite high and safe access was achieved using a scaffold tower.

Painting in Seaton

The house looked so much better with its new coat of paint.


Seaton house painting

On the final day of the job, all the rubbish and equipment was taken away and the property left tidy. A sea mist came down as you can see in the pictures.

House painting contractor

When the customers paid the bill they said, "Thanks very much for doing such a thorough job the house looks lovely". Always nice to get good feedback.

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