Building garden steps

This job was carried out for some regular customers in Crows Nest.

They wanted some steps to link two different levels of of their garden and make it flow better.

The first job was to cut a hole in the existing retaining wall and dig away the top soil.

Cutting a retaing wall

We then constructed a wooden form to create the shape of the steps.


This was then filled with concrete. tamped down well and left to set for several days.

Concrete steps

When the wood was removed the concrete turned out well with only very small air voids present.

Concrete steps

We then cut the slabs to fit the steps. They match the patio that we built for the customers in 2021. The slabs were bedded in mortar and pointed up to complete the job.

New garden steps

We then tidied up and backfilled around the new steps. They turned out well and the customers were pleased with the work.

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