Decorating and wood flooring

This job was carried out for some customers in Crows Nest who we have worked for on a number of occasions. They wanted their sitting room decorated, engineered wood flooring fitted and new skirting boards.

After around a day of preparation, the ceiling and walls were painted with the colours the customers had chosen.



Once the decorating was completed, we began work on the engineered wood flooring. The first row had to be scribed to fit the wall which was out of straight and careful measurements were taken to make sure the joins in the boards would work out well when we got to the hearth and the other side of the room.

Laying engineered wood flooring

Once the flooring was installed and the glue had dried, we fitted the new pre-primed skirting boards.

Completed job with new skirting boards

The job turned out well and the customers were pleased with the work.

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