Concreting a parking space

We recently built some concrete paths for this customer and they asked us back to replace a parking space on their holiday bungalow site.

The existing space was in poor condition with several cracks and the edging was also broken up.

Old parking space with broken concrete

The first job was to remove the old space using a breaker.

Removing concrete with a breaker

All of the broken concrete was taken away by Caradon Waste Services and we are grateful to them for their assistance on this job.

Waste concrete removal

The formwork was installed and the ground carefully leveled up and compacted with a wacker plate. The new space was made about a foot wider than the original one.

Concrete formwork

We had Ready-Mixed concrete from Aggregate Industries for this job and it was laid and tamped. Quantities worked out well and mess was kept to a minimum.

Ready-mixed concrete

The concrete was left to set for about four days and then the formwork was removed and the soil around the new parking area graded out to make lawn mowing as easy as possible.

New parking space

The job turned out well and the customer was pleased with the work.

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