Gate post replacement

This job was for a regular customer in Merrymeet. Their gate post had snapped off at ground level and they needed it replaced.

The post was for a pedestrian gate that joins up with a larger gate across the drive.


These gate posts are really big as you can see from this picture when we collected the materials.

The hardest part of the job was digging out the stump of the original post without disturbing the block paving or the tarmac. With some careful and patient hand digging this was done. The customer requested that the bottom of the new post be painted with a bitumen paint to help preserve it. Once this was done we set the new post in position using postfix.

While this was setting, we salvaged the hinges from the old post and then fitted them into the new one to get the gates to line up nicely.

New gate post

 It all worked out fine and we then just had to clear up the rubble and mess. The customer was happy with the work.

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