Building a patio

We did this job for some customers in Crows Nest who have used our services on a few occasions. They wanted a new patio so that they can sit out in their garden and have drinks or a barbecue.

The first stage was to dig out the area ready for the patio. This was then leveled up and wood pegged around ready for a concrete base to be cast. Our preferred patio construction method is to put in a concrete base and then set the slabs in mortar on top of that. This is a strong job and ensures the patio remains weed free.

Patio base dug out

We then cast a concrete base. The levels were set up so that the finished patio would be level with the existing path on the left.

Concrete patio base

The slabs were then laid in mortar on the base.

Laying patio slabs

The final stage was to point the gaps between the slabs and grade the lawn off around the patio ready for a bit of grass seed to be sown.

Finished patio

The customers are very pleased with their new patio and have booked us to do some other jobs over the coming months.

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