Log store in Crows Nest

This was an interesting job to create a new log store for some customers in Crow's Nest who we have worked for before.

Our previous job was to remove an unwanted fence. From this we salvaged some second-hand timber and this was used as part of the log store. There was an existing concrete base from a previous shed beside the dry stone wall and this was where the customer wanted the new shed built.

Second-hand timber

Second-hand timber ready to be used.

This was at the end of day one. The basic frame is in place. We were one piece of wood short for the roof so that was added the following day.

Log store

The ends of the shed were clad with 6" x 1" planks and the roof was made from strong corrugated plastic with a 10 year life span. This lets lots of light in.

Log store

The finishing touches were to install a new gutter and down pipe and do some basic cementing around the base of the shed to tidy it all up. The shed is a good size and the open side is away from the prevailing weather so the logs should dry well especially with the warmth of the sun coming through the clear roof.

The customers were pleased with the shed and have booked us to do another job which is what all the cement in the shed is for.

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